Dragon Con 2006

Click on each picture for a larger version. Email me for supersize versions.

Five minutes after arrival.
Starting things off right!

The obligatory Stormtrooper photo

(And yes, he senses that right now,
you're looking at him.)

An hour after arrival.
Getting warmed up.

Jimmy arrives
and the party begins.

More important than Jimmy's arrival,
the liquor has also arrived!

Four hours after arrival.
I'm sure you see the trend.

'Scuse me, you have a hole in your tights.
No, really, there's a hole...
Oh, nevermind!

I know Voltair sings rather dark music
but this is rediculous!


Jimmy can't seem to get the X-Box
connected to the TV.
Jimmy runs home to get some tools (and shoes).

Jimmy decides to fix the Tv.

"Fix" is such a relative term.
Gotta love the Dremel!

Once the offending "security device"
is removed, it's Game Time!

This is how most of the convention looked to me.
Goldschlager is gooood.

Mark and Susan
Don't tell Mark's wife or Susan's husband.
In fact, pretend you didn't see this.

A really bad picture
of a really bad Bloo costume.

Damned dirty Apes!
(vague Chuck Heston movie reference)

Characters from some video game.
Or perhaps they're the band?

Can anyone explain the penguin to me?

One looks hot and one looks drugged
can you figure out which is which?

Conventioneer or high priced hooker?
Some days you just can't tell.

The Mythbusters

Tory Belleci

Kari Byron

Grant Imihara

Now lets go back and look at Kari again!