The Evolution Of A Corned Ham

Step 1: Find a place that sells Corned Hams (this may be the most difficult step!)
Be aware that a 17.5 pound corned ham may be bigger than your mother's largest pot.
So your father may have to cut it in half.
And you may have to get the hack saw to cut through the bone.
But believe me, it is worth the effort!
Step 2: Wash off the salt.
Step 3: Place it in a big pot full of water.
Step 4: Boil it for a long long LONG time.
Step 5: Remove it from the pot.
Step 6: Let your grandmother remove the skin.
(If you don't have a grandmother handy you can do this step yourself.)
Step 7: If you have a grandmother handy she can decorate the ham.
"Pepper Prints" is my family's way to decorate a corned ham.
Ain't it purty?
Step 8: Carve it up (thin slices, please!)
Served on hot biscuits with cooked apples, corn and peas is always a winner!
Be sure to have plenty sliced and ready for breakfast tomorrow!
When done right, there should be nothing but a bone left over.