Dragon Con 2007!

Jimmy's workin the phones.

Mark and his "Got Damn Camera!"

View out the window at 11am

View out the window at 2am

Jimmy and Khola...
(And four beers, two Goldschlagers, and two Cokes)

Gay... Gay... Confused... Bi... Gay... Gay...

Have you read Alexandre Dumass' Novel "The Four Muffketeers?"
Have you "ladies" met the sexually confused Spartans, yet?

"If Vader can't see himself in my shoe shine, he'll KILL me.
No, seriously! He'll really kill me!"

If *this* was the "flashing yellow" they put at dangerous intersections,
you bet your ass everyone would slow down and pay attention.

RedBull. It gives ya Wiiings!

The way I see it, there's three possible explanations:
Twins seperated at birth
Alter Ego scenerio: Crime fighting puppet on the left, 8' walking carpet on the left, or
The Chewie at a rave scnerio:
(Notice the blue body paint, X-induced Googly Eyes, freakishy large smile, and he's got major munchies)
Repeat after me:
Cookie... Wookie... Cookie... Wookie...
Now you get it!

Diedre after one drink.

Diedre after eight drinks.

This bunny's on an all night Bender.

Watch the hands! Watch the hands!

Tickets to Dragon Con: $85
Conga Drum: $450
Having some black guy show up and bang your drum better than you: Priceless!
(All jokes where "Banging some other guys drum" was a euphemism for something sexual were already covered at the convention.)

It's Cruxshadows, I promise.

Who knew Voltaire's "Secret Pirate Party" would be outside the bathroom?

See? I told you it was Cruxshadows.

Dragon Con Quiz!!!
Guy? Girl?
You have 10 seconds to decide.

Here's a hint: this was after Cruxshadows, but before Rocky Horror.
I know, that doesn't help any.

When Ewoks Explode!