My Krystal Box (Better picture coming later)

My banner (you can bet that's going over the desk at work!)

The guy from 13 WMAZ ready for my interview

My cake. and it tastes even better than it looks. (Contains no Krystals)

Kenny, Michael and Me

Kenny, Michael, Me and the super gigantic Coke (ok its not REALLY that big)
Thank you Michael

Both plaques (The one on the left will be hung in the store,
the one on the right will be hung at home beside my diplomas)

Ain't it purty?

I have no idea why this picture is smaller than the rest
(and I have no witty comment to put here either)

Me and Johnny Solomon, fellow Hall of Famer and the first from Macon.
Meeting Johnny was a big deal for me!

My cake one last time (yes it is still purty!)

How big a slice do you want?

Some for you, the rest for me!
This cake was yummy, folks, I am not kidding!