Can you find Jason at Krystal?

The Map below shows the states that have Krystal restaurants.
Grey states are in "Burgatory" or the land without Krystals.
States with my picture in them mean I have been spotted in that state.
Click on that state for a map and details!

Have YOU seen me?

If so please email me at and tell me when and where you saw me. I'll add your sighting to the map.

Having trouble finding a Krystal? You can use the Krystal Locator at to find a Krystal near you. Be patient, the locator is new and still going through growing pains.

Lastly, the red and white touque I am wearing is a direct play on the "Where's Waldo" books. If you don't know about Waldo, consider yourself lucky, but you can read up on him here at Wikipedia.