How I converted the FORTRAN code to C

I took a FORTRAN class way back my freshman year of college. I know the language and can read and write it. However, if even a top of the line program would get lost in the spagetticode caused by all of the GOTO statements in FORTRAN version.

I started to convert the code by hand myself, but got lost, so I found a conversion program. You can read a bit about it here. A better description and different email address (the one I used) can be found here.

Be aware that the code, as it is listed will NOT convert. you need to make a few changes in the code. in particular, there is a line in the FORTRAN to create a MAXNUM that is 100000000000000 (thats 14 zeros). The converter won't accept that because many C compilers can't deal with intigers that big. Adjust the size down by changing the 10**14 down to about 10**8. Also, there is a stray 10 on the end of one of the first lines of code. This throws off the converter, so just delete it.

Sadly, the code you get back isn't a whole lot better than the FORTRAN code. Some of the GOTOS get removed (F77 had no loops so you had to use gotos even though we all know they are wrong). What you get back is still a mess. FORTRAN array indicies go from 1 to N, in C they got from 0 to N-1. the converters solution was horrible (it shifted the array back 1 so the index variables could remain the same). The program almost worked but fixing the bugs was too time consuming so I wrote my own version. I will have that uploaded soon.

-Jason Jennette 5:01 PM 5/16/01